Hello folks, this is going to be a super-short announcement blogpost, so let's cut to the chase!

The majority of our readers are from the USA, and lately we got a few emails about offering the trainings we provide in the States as well.

We decided to give it a go, so I'm glad to announce that on June 4-5 we're going to deliver our Microservices training, and on June 7-8, we're going to organize a Kubernetes training as well.

You can read more about these events here:

In case you have questions, please ping us on [email protected].
We can also send you a document that contains the feedbacks from our previous trainings.

About the Microservices Training

Two days of training to master microservices.

During the course of these two days we will cover a high level architectural overview of what is needed to design, develop and maintain an application built with microservices.

We will take an actual monolithic application and redesign it into a set of small, independent processes for better scaling and faster development.

As there are many pitfalls one might be led to following a naïve approach we will cover a lot of design principles.

About the Kubernetes Training

Two days of training to master the usage one of the most popular container management platform, Kubernetes.

During this two-day long course, we will cover the fundamentals needed to understand the open source Kubernetes ecosystem. You'll learn to operate scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed applications while keeping the infrastructure management easy.

During the training, we'll work with a microservices architecture and deploy the dockerized services into a Kubernetes cluster, set up application secrets, use load balancers, rate-limiters, take a look at some popular management tools and apply several design principles and best practices coming with microservices.

In-house training opportunity!

In case the dates we proposed won't work for you, or you'd like us to train your team and modify the workshops according to your needs, we're ready to work with you. Please contact us at [email protected]!