During the summer of 2015, the engineers of RisingStack started to build Trace, a monitoring tool which provides actionable insights into Node.js services & microservices architectures.

More than 2 years and 6000 users later, we reached the next milestone.

We’re proud to announce that we partnered up with Keymetrics, the amazing team behind PM2, the de-facto process manager of the Node ecosystem and the incredible performance monitoring & management tool on top of it.

This means we'll start merging Trace with Keymetrics, and stop providing Trace as a SaaS service from October 31. With Keymetrics, you’ll be able to continue monitoring your Node.js services in an even better way.

As partners, the team of RisingStack will help Keymetrics to develop new features like uptime webchecks & a service topology overview in the following months.

About PM2 & Keymetrics

PM2 and Keymetrics forms a complete toolset to harden and monitor your Node.js applications with ease. No modification of your code is needed to use features like tracing, load balancing, database & infrastructure Monitoring or alerting.

Keymetrics Key Features

The best part of Keymetrics is that you can see all information on a real time dashboard. It has some extra features that Trace didn't, like custom metrics which allow you to track variable value over time, and the Remote Functions Trigger allows you to trigger code function straight fronm the dashboard.

Migrating to Keymetrics from Trace

Getting started with Keymetrics is extremely easy.

1, You just have to start up you app with PM2:

# Install PM2 globally
$ npm install pm2 -g
# Start your Node.js application
$ pm2 start app.js

2, Link PM2 to Keymetrics

Just copy the pm2 link <secret> <public> displayed in the popup in Keymetrics and paste it into your terminal.


3, Monitor your Node App

You will instantly see the Keymetrics Dashboard revealed and you can monitor some of the Key Metrics of your application.

Check out the full instructions of the migration here:

Feature comparison between Trace and Keymetrics

  • As Trace, Keymetrics also provides a Transaction Tracing system that allows you to identify which HTTP calls are slow and why they are slow.

  • CPU profiling can be started directly from the Keymetrics interface and stopped any time you want. You will then get a visualisation of the stack and you will still have the ability to download the CPU profiling file. About Memory Profiling, you have the exact same ability to heapdump memory any time you want. Read more about the profiling feature.

  • You can find and filter errors in your code and see their stack traces and occurrence data. Keymetrics also displays line code number and logs before exceptions. Learn more about Exceptions Tracking.

  • With Keymetrics you can also monitor critical metrics and also have data retention of 14 days. This will be extended to 60 days in the next month.

RisingStack continues to help with Node.js developers in many ways

Building Trace was a great challenge for the RisingStack team.

We gained tremendous monitoring knowledge, and we’re proud of the fact that we built Node specific features that most of our competitors lacked. We made it possible to investigate memory leaks & bottlenecks, trace transactions in distributed systems, and to find errors the easiest ways possible.

The partnership of RisingStack & Keymetrics includes merging Trace and its userbase into Keymetrics, and technological collaboration to help build a superior Node.js monitoring tool. In the following months, we'll help our partners build a uptime checking and service topology overview features.

Besides that, RisingStack will continue to help companies who use Node.js:

  • We'll keep on doing our consulting & development work just like we did in the past 4 years, since the inception of RisingStack. So far, our team managed to help amazing companies like Cisco, Lufthansa & LogMeIn (just to mention a few) to thrive with our favorite technology.

  • We'll continue to teach Node through our blog. So far we've written ~100 tutorials, and we currently reach more than 150,000 developers each month. Whether you're a beginner with Node, an advanced developer, or one who loves to use microservices & Node together - we got you covered.

  • We are constantly holding Node.js Trainings all over Europe (and online too), to teach developers the foundations of Node.js, security best practices & microservices knowldge. Our 2 day long, in-person trainings allow you to significantly improve your Node.js knowledge & get expert feedback during live coding sessions.

  • We'll keep on writing books about Node.js, Microservices & Monitoring, to help the community grow.

  • And at last, but not least we provide 24/7 Node.js Support to companies with mission critical applications in production.