If you’re familiar with the RisingStack blog - and our work in general, you might already know that we took a great effort in the past 4 years to provide free materials which help our readers to learn Node.js, front-end (React & Angular), Microservices & Kubernetes as well. (If not, just take a look at our best of 2017 posts!)

With this in mind, we started to have training sessions across Europe last year, which helped many attendees to improve their skills & learn professional approaches to software development. Due to the success of the previous year, considering the great feedbacks & experience we received, we decided to enrich the repertoire of our training business and decided to offer even more sessions.

The following RisingStack trainings are now available:

  • Designing Microservices Architectures
  • Handling Microservices with Kubernetes
  • Modern Front-End with React
  • Building Complex Apps with Angular
  • Node.js Fundamentals

You can find us in the following cities:

  • Berlin
  • Tel-Aviv
  • Barcelona
  • Warsaw

Take note: these are trainings with exact dates & locations - but we’re available to do in-house trainings as well (in fact, most of our trainings in 2017 were invitation based). Feel free to send an inquiry to [email protected]!

Upcoming Trainings

1, Designing Microservices Architectures

In Designing Microservices Architectures we cover the main concepts and tools of creating a mature, reliable and reasonably fast distributed system. We’ll also learn how should they be put in place and what are the common pitfalls. By taking this course, you’ll be able to tackle fundamental challenges associated with microservices.

The following topics will be covered over the course:

  • Microservice Architecture in the Company
  • Moving to Microservices
  • Decentralized Data Management
  • Architectural patterns in distributed systems
  • Reliability in Microservices
  • Testing Microservices
  • Debugging and Monitoring Microservices

This training is available in:

See the detailed agenda here.

2, Handling Microservices with Kubernetes

It’s time to expand your DevOps skills with a future-proof platform, Kubernetes! Using Kubernetes can result in rapid development that leads to fast deployments, application self-healing, and infrastructure scalability. In Handling Microservices with Kubernetes, we provide a hands-on experience while we break down and deploy a microservices application.

Of course, monitoring and platform management will be covered too during the course, so you can learn about safe deployment strategies, built-in retry logic, caching, circuit breakers and more. To enroll this course, a Unix based system and basic command line knowledge are required.

You’ll be learning about:

  • Kubernetes & Docker
  • Basic resource overview
  • Deploy the first application
  • Getting ready for production
  • Advanced resources
  • Services & Networking
  • Package Handling for Kubernetes
  • Monitoring with Prometheus & Zipkin
  • Platform management tools

This training is available in:

See the detailed agenda here.

3, Modern Front-End with React

Ever wondered how to create modern, good-looking and functional websites at the same time? If you want to become a front-end ninja and build application prototypes rapidly, join us for this course.

You can jump head-first into modern front-end development with us, without any prior React experience. However, an intermediate level of JavaScript and HTML knowledge is required to keep up with the material. You’ll learn the basics of front-end applications, then study React and all the core principles behind it. You’ll be moving forward along the following path:

  • React primer
  • Setting up a React project with create-react-app
  • JSX, virtual DOM and rendering
  • Creating React components
  • Project design and structuring
  • State management with Redux or MobX
  • Networking on the client-side
  • Front-end routing with React Router
  • Creating a real-world React app

This training is available in:

See the detailed agenda here.

4, Building Complex Apps with Angular

We haven’t forgotten about those who prefer Angular when it comes to front-end frameworks. With Angular, it’s easy to develop complex app logic, data-driven, and enterprise-grade applications; so enriching your Angular skillset is beneficial for your front-end career.

This training is perfect for those who’d like to familiarize themselves with the Angular framework, or who are considering adopting Angular (5). During this 2-day course, you’ll receive an in-depth knowledge of the framework and you’ll learn how to plan, develop and test a single-page application.

The following topics will be covered:

  • The brief history of Angular
  • Angular CLI commands in action
  • Modules
  • Directives & Components
  • Data binding
  • Services
  • Pipes
  • Routing
  • Component composition
  • Handling HTTP streams
  • Forms
  • Testing

This training is available in:

See the detailed agenda here.

5, Node.js Fundamentals

Node.js is one of our favorite frameworks. It makes Javascript development much easier and enables a broader audience to create fully-functional apps. In the Node.js Fundamentals training, you’ll learn how to bootstrap and design projects, create and develop Node.js applications and to create complex, secure, and maintainable web APIs.

No prior experience with Node.js is required - we will cover everything you need to get started.

The following topics can be covered in 2 days (we recommend to select the 4 modules that seem to be the most important to you. ):

  • Node.js Basics
  • Setting Up a Project
  • API Design
  • Networking
  • Database Design
  • Authentication
  • Testing
  • Best Practices
  • Queues and Workers

This training is available only in-house. Please feel free to reach out to get more info or to book your Node.js Fundamentals training at [email protected].

Meet RisingStack’s Senior, Battle-Hardened Instructor Team:

Tamas Kadlecsik has engineered some of the most complex parts of our microservice architecture gaining a lot of experience in designing such systems, so he will hold most of the Building Microservices with Node.js trainings.

Tamas is a very popular author on our blog, check out his work:

Peter Czibik joined RisingStack as one of the first team members. He has been helping companies adopt Node.js by holding training and consulting sessions for them. Peter will hold most of the Node.js Fundamentals classes.

To get a sense of Peter’s knowledge, check out some of the tutorials he wrote:


Bertalan Miklos works as a senior full-stack engineer at RisingStack since 2015. He’s a Node.js & React expert, who loves doing trainings & giving speeches at meetups. He also authored amazing open-source projects like React-Easy-State, and several articles on our blog.
Check out some of Bertalan’s work:

Tamas Hodi is a key player at RisingStack in building infrastructures that can scale efficiently. During the previous years, he amassed great knowledge on microservices, AWS & Kubernetes - so he’s the one we listen to the most when it comes to DevOps. Tamas also wrote one of the best articles on our blog: Node.js Async Best Practices & Avoiding the Callback Hell.


Mate Huszarik joined RisingStack because of his deep knowledge on front-end development & Angular in particular. He has tremendous experience on migrating systems to it, and he does an amazing job with passing those skills to others.