The Node.js fanatics working at RisingStack created a tutorial series called “Node Hero” around a year ago to guide developers who want to learn the basics of our favorite language. We started explaining Node.js from its very foundations - no prior knowledge was needed, you could literally go from Zero to Hero.


The "Node Hero - Getting Started with Node.js" tutorial series consisted of 13 chapters. By the end of the series, readers acquired a complex knowledge of Node.js - from setting up a basic web-server to securing, deploying & monitoring a Node app.

The Node Hero series turned out to be one of the most comprehensive (and most popular) beginner guides for Node.js developers.

So far, these 13 Node.js tutorials produced more than 1,3 million page views on the RisingStack blog. We made the series available as an e-book as well, which was downloaded by thousands in the past year.


Now, we’re happy to announce that, thanks to the dedication & hard-work of Andrey Melikhov, the whole series is available in Russian too! Huge thanks for the translations.

By eliminating the language barrier, we hope that a lot of new developers can learn about the fantastic possibilities that Node.js provides.

Here come the links to the series & to the translations:

Node.js Tutorial Translations

In case you're part of a Russian speaking developer community where Node.js is being considered, share these articles with them - thanks!

If you'd like to translate the Node Hero series to another language, please reach out to Ferenc ([email protected]), our CMO who can help you out with the next steps.

Until next time,