Hello There,

At RisingStack we've been consulting & training companies who needed our microservices expertise in the past 5 years.

Besides creating a weekly Microservices Newsletter we'd like to continue writing long-form tutorials about problems developers face while working with microservices architectures.

To do so, we're asking for your input!

The Microservice Architecture Survey

We put together a short survey to find microservices related topics that are hard to understand or get right.

The survey takes only about 2 minutes to complete!

Survey link: https://rstck.typeform.com/to/Qb2Gcv

We're asking questions like:

  • Where do you deploy your Microservices?
  • What difficulties do you face with your production environment?
  • What is the hardest thing for you to get right with Microservices at the moment?
  • What are the Microservices-related topics that are criminally underreported/under-explained in your opinion?
  • What’s the best book you read about microservices?

& so on..

Survey Results

We're going to collect responses for a short amount of time (probably 1 or 2 weeks) and then we'll publish an article which will show the result and potentially provide interesting insights for everyone who participated.

Survey link: https://rstck.typeform.com/to/Qb2Gcv

Based on what we'll see, we're going to create a lot of new content which will help developers who are interested in working with microservices architectures.